Thursday, May 2, 2013



A friend I met at the library makes and sells bird houses at craft sales. 

 A secret door for bird spying!

He gave me one and Tara gave me one, so I asked for some more. Some people are never satisfied.  We put Tara's up but the one from Tom Hearn has been languishing in the garage.

Then I got some great birdhouses for Christmas.  They have been sitting on a bookshelf ever since. Travis got me the posts so I could put them up, but then had to go home.  So no post holes.

I got out and dug a few.  I did so after a rain.  That makes the soil softer and easier to dig.  Not easy, mind you.  On the other hand,  birds are light and it's not like they will be pulling on the posts, so I guess they don't have to go too deep.

I don't want bird feeders for three reasons.

1.  You feed birds seeds.  They are messy.  The seeds they don't eat become weeds in my garden.

2.  Bears also like bird seed.  Lee has seen bears here twice.  That is more than enough for me.

3.  Our cats like to catch birds and then they would be CAT feeders.


So the posts are high enough to keep the cats from getting the birds.  I hope.


 The cats don't go out often.  They are getting fat and slow.  I just want to be able to see the birds from the screen porch from time to time.  If the cats catch one, the houses will have to be relocated. 


I may not be able to dig the holes the next time.  Maybe I'll do a Cool Hand Luke and cut them off!  Let's hope it works where they are.  I have one last post in need of a birdhouse.  Maybe next Christmas!



  1. I would like a bird feeder but don't have one for the same reasons. Mostly the mess.

  2. We have a cat, as well as several birdfeeders. So I know what you mean. Calling them CAT feeders is a really funny way of expressing a tragic reality in our lives, too. Now- you can find the fREE pattern for the cowl on my blog. Look on the right sidebar. Scroll down until you get to the picture of the cowl, click, and the pattern should pop up. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Thankfully, we don't have cats to worry about the outside feeders becoming their feeders, but the neighbors do and so they like to visit until I discourage them with hand clapping.