Friday, May 17, 2013

Cat Entertainment


I just spent $39.00 to entertain the cat.  As luck would have it, the dog is not quite as entertained.  He just barks at it.


I have been enthralled by the idea of getting a Roomba  This is a small robotic vacuum cleaner.  It roams around a room, over carpet and floors and does the vacuuming.  Then, when it is done or the charge is running out, it goes and plugs itself in.  I have no idea how well these work, but I love the concept. I love the idea of going to bed and waking up to a clean house.

I don't know if the Roomba works, but I do know the various models sell for $400 to $700 dollars.  I hope thousands of you go out and buy some, so the price can come down for me.  I won't be spending that much money anytime soon.  For that kind of money I could just hire some one to come in at night and clean.  They could do the toilets, too.  Well, except for the creepy part having people sneaking around the house in the middle of the night.

Now O-Cedar makes an O-Duster.  I guess it is the poor man's version of a Roomba, assuming a poor man would buy such a silly thing, when he can just use the vacuum and be done with it.


The O-Duster is rechargeable and uses a disposable cloth to pick up hair and small debris off of hard surfaces, like wood floors or tile.  The cloth is held in place by a Velcro kind of ring.  It is able to go under my couch and some cabinets so that it gets the hair I can't get.  Well, I CAN get it, but I don't always flip up the couch when I vacuum.


When it hits an object or the edge of the rugs, it goes back the other direction, ricocheting  around the room, until, the theory is, the whole floor is covered.  I had to rescue it once from under a rocking chair that was part way on a rug.  Poor thing got trapped on three sides and couldn't figure a way out..

I like the concept of setting the O-Duster and letting it run while I do something else.  It doesn't replace vacuuming, but may keep the house a wee less hairy on the days I am NOT going to vacuum.  There are a bunch of those.  It doesn't get everything, but I am happy for every hair picked up.


And, like I said, the cats are fascinated.  I just wish the cloths were washable. 


  1. Your comments still show up as 'no reply so I cannot respond.. Do not make me come over there and hurt you!! LOL

  2. How much fun is that watching the cats be entertained. I would also like the idea of someone else doing the housework, especiallynthebtoilets!

  3. I have been wondering about this product for a long time! Tempted....