Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So Sorry

I just spent an hour or so updating all the recipes on this blog.  I didn't realize that I couldn't search for a specific recipe on my blog unless I had put the name in the label section for that particular posting.  I believe it was fellow blogger and all around computer genius at www.theblueridgegal.com who pointed that out.  I am so glad to know how to search as I have tried and failed in the past.

While doing that I was on my lemon blueberry coffeecake recipe and thought I would check it out.  My sister in law mentioned that hers didn't turn out as promised.  Gulp!  And there was what I think is the culprit.  I wrote about creaming the butter for the streusel topping, but never put the butter in the list of ingredients.


Fort all those that have tried it and failed...I am so sorry!

I am my own editor.  I wish I was better at it!  I promise to double check the ingredient lists.  Maybe triple check them because I thought I WAS double checking them.


  1. Hi Rebecca. I just got your comment about a strange child photo bombing my picture of the girls???
    HUH?! What do you mean?

  2. Had not tried the blueberry coffee cake recipe, so thanks for the heads up on the missing ingredient. Being our own editor does have drawbacks too.