Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stone Tavern Stable


Sadly we no longer have horses here.  It is sad because I love having them and working with them.  But it now hurts me to ride and having two horses is worse than no horses.

Two horses in a stable bond to the point that you cannot have a fun ride.  The one in the pasture whinnies to the one you are working with and runs back and forth.  Then the one under you calls back and they get themselves all worked up.  You CAN do it, but it is a struggle and no fun.  Not a calm, relaxing or enjoyable ride.  If you can get someone to ride with you, it is great.  Lee doesn't ride and everyone I know that rides has horses that they need to ride!

I could sell one, but then it goes back to the fact that my hip hurts when I ride.  Plus, horses are herd animals and it seems a little mean to keep one, lonely horse that you only ride occasionally.  So they are both at Stone Tavern Stable looking for new owners. This is expensive, but I hope it will be successful.  They both have had people interested, but no sale so far.

Yesterday we went up to the stable to visit them...oh, and pay the monthly board.  Ouch!  When you keep horses at home it is WAYYY cheaper.  Lee is less than enamored with having horses, although he has been more than supportive over the years of horse ownership, so I guess it is for the best that they stay there until sold.  It's not like I would ride them if they were here.  I just wish they were sold so I can move on.  I feel bad that I rarely see them and each time I go I kind of think about bringing them back. 

See how cute they are? They still remember me and walk over. But it's not the same.


One good thing about being there is that they have lots of friends.  They no longer call frantically back and forth to each other when you ride one.  They are ridden a lot and are becoming good little girls.


Here we only rode on the property or on the trail.  At Stone Tavern Stables they are getting lots of rides in the ring and are getting used to different riders and more horses around them.  This will help them in whatever home they go to.

The stable is big and has a lot of horses and this kicks up a lot of dust.  Horseback riding is not a clean sport.


I still miss them and it prolongs the loss the longer this process is taking.  I hope someone finds them and loves them soon.

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