Sunday, December 9, 2012

One Stinkin' Border

I hate being sick.  I don't feel that bad, but I am so tired and my brain isn't running on all cylinders. Kinda foggy.

So I got up late and because I am old I can't stay in bed.  My back hurts.  I have to move around and I might as well do something.  Put the borders on the quilt, I thought to myself.  How hard can that be??  And this is why I should still be taking a class to finish my quilt...


I cut out strips of the fabric for the first border.  Then I sewed them together.  Because the fabric was a batik, there is no discernible pattern and no right or wrong side.  Both sides are the right side.


To sew the strips into one long strip, you place one horizontally and the next one vertically with the right sides together.  The ends overlap a bit. 


Sew a diagonal line from one corner to the other, cut off the excess and iron it open and you should have a straight line of the two pieces. 


Then trim the edge so it is straight.


Then sew a bunch more.

Because there was no right side I ended up twisting the fabric so that the seam on one of the pieces was upside down. If the right side was obvious this wouldn't have happened. If I wasn't sick, this wouldn't have happened. If I knew what I was doing, this wouldn't have happened. But it did, so I had to cut it out and resew. Not a big deal, but it is why I only got one border done and why I am not almost finished.


I pinned the strip to one edge. After sewing, I sewed one on the opposite side.  I like to cut them just a bit longer and then cut them even after sewing.  This way I don't have to measure exactly and I don't cut them off until I'm done, so the edges are perfect.  Or as perfect as I can make them.

Then he two other sides are sewn and that is one stinkin' border, done!


And only one, darn it all.

On the other hand, there is a new sewing machine I would really like to have when it comes time to do the quilting.  So if I take a really long time, the horses might sell and then I will get the machine I really want.  And there really is a Santa Claus, (girl living in) Virginia!

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