Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Building Inspections

We are really not happy with our architect.  Before you hire an architect in Botetourt County, call me!  He took 6 months and every change we asked for showed up again in future drawings.  He really caused us some problems with the county.

One reason we went with an architect is that we had a large remodel (2600 square feet) and wanted to make sure we complied with all local regulations.  The last major remodel we did was in the 80s and in California.  Lot of things have changed since then and there.

We specifically asked if fire blocking was required.  NO, it wasn't.  So we had the rough plumbing done and the framing contractor in.  Lee spent months doing all the electrical and everything else that is inside the walls before we can plaster.  Then he called for an inspection.  He was really worried about the electrical, because it was so extensive.  Not a BIG deal, you just fix what they don't like, but it is a bit embarrassing.  And can be expensive when dealing with copper wiring.

The inspector came last week.  All of Lee's hard work paid off and the electrical passed inspection.  The framing and plumbing didn't.  WHAT?


The water lines needed some more securing.  Lee did that.  There is some question about a "T" in the drain pipe that the plumber and the inspector will work out between the two of them. 


The worst of it is that we DID need fire blocking.  If the architect had put that in the plans, it could have been done when the framing was being put up.  As it is, the framer had to come back and work around all that he had done to put up drywall and insulation as a fire block in the walls.  A big fat pain and expense that could have been avoided if the architect had been on the ball.


One thing that we did ourselves was to buy more fireproof foam to fill all the holes within the walls.  I already did the ones to the outside and big holes from the basement to the floor above.  We just had to add the ones within the walls.  We also had to have a fire block in the floor joists above every 1000 square feet.  That was a big pain with all the electrical, A/C and plumbing already there.  This should have been done when the house was built.  Not the FIRST time THAT has come up!


We were also told we have to add insulation on all the walls.  We knew we had to do the ones on the walk-out side, but it seems we have to do insulation on the walls underground and with a foot of concrete.  The architect said we didn't.  You already know how we feel about HIM!

What's an extra $1000 here or there!!!  Sheesh.

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