Thursday, December 20, 2012

How Is This Helping?


I have a cat that is sort of like a dog.  He likes to follow me around the house and investigate anything I do.  He is not so fond of following me around the farm, because the work I do there is generally loud and trees and bushes tend to go flying in the air. I am on my own there.

Both cats like it when I am in the craft room, because the door is usually shut and now it is open.  New stuff to look at and sit upon.  In the winter I have a little space heater and cats love something warm.

I am in the middle of a quilt, so there is an iron to investigate.  The room is too small to set up an ironing board, so I have a table top ironing pad for the counter.  They like to jump up to check it out and then I have to jump up and keep them from burning themselves.

There is also lots of cloth to sit on.  I have to move them carefully so that they don't rip it when I take them off.  When I get up to cut or pin something, they like to take my chair so that I can't sit down and sew.


Today I had to go to another room to lay out the quilt.  I am cutting and sewing on the last of the borders.  They are quite long and I needed to lay them out to measure the exact length .  Not only did Rhett (because he is a handsome, charming, rascal) sit on and crawl under the fabric, but he chased and bit my measuring tape.


It is a good thing he is so handsome and charming MOST of the time, or I might have gotten mad.  It helps if you pretend that HE thinks he is helping.  Not a lot, but some.

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