Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stained Glass Transom

I decided to make the transom above one of the doors between the front of the basement and the back of the basement in stained glass.  This will allow light in and hopefully add a bit of built-in art.  Not that I am an artist.  But I am a bit of a craftsman.  I can follow a pattern...sort of.  If you follow my blog you have seen the quilting that I am learning.


Unfortunately, I don't have a pattern for this job.  But Lee did get me a book of transom patterns and there is one I think I can make work.  I will use it as a guide.  He is going to get me some large drawing/tracing paper so I can play around with it.

Lee thought it would be fun to put SGF for Shenandoah Gateway Farm in the transom somehow, but I couldn't find any patterns or pre-cut letters that I liked.  I don't want to attempt letters all by myself.


I found a site (thank you, Internet) where I could purchase a beveled cluster of glass.  I really like it and it will give the center a finished look.  Now I have to cut glass to fill up the rest of the hole.  Easy peasy, she said, hopefully.


I bought some glue chip clear glass that I think looks like feathers. 


I added a bit of blue for a border and to add some color.  Can't go wrong with blue, right? 


If I didn't order enough glass, I will have to drive to Christiansburg to buy more.  I will not be returning to the store in Salem.

Next I have to sit down with some straight edges and start drawing.  First I will decide how big, then add the bevel cluster in the middle.  All I have to do next is cut some straight edges for borders and fill in around the cluster.  I should be able to do that, right?

If the Christiansburg store was closer, I might have them draw me a pattern.  One year for Christmas, I got a picture of my mother's childhood home in Ashland, Kentucky.  I took it to a stained glass store and they drew up a pattern for me.  I made a stained glass for my parents.


My mother is now in an assisted living facility in San Clemente.  She loves it, by the way and won't leave there to move closer to me. (Thank you San Clemente Villas.)  So I got my picture back and I love it.  I am not a complete novice, but it has been years and I have a lot of other projects.  But I think this will be challenging and fun.  I hope.

I think I should have bought more glass.  There may be some mistakes I didn't factor in.  Oh, well.


  1. Love the rendering of your mother's home! I look forward to seeing the finished transom.

  2. Beautiful. You are so creative. Did you have troubles with the Salem store? Sounds like it.