Friday, December 14, 2012

Dulce de Leche Apple Bread Part II


I made the Apple Bread last night and ate some for breakfast.  Here are my impressions.

As I expected, the bread was nice and moist.  I wrapped it in foil and kept it on the counter overnight.  Any bread I have ever made using fresh fruit is always more moist the second day.  Once again, it was hard to cut a slice through the Cheerios on top of the bread.  But now they are soggy and unappealing.  I cut one large slice and one skinny slice.  Because of the large amount of fresh apples, the skinny slice did not want to hold together.  It was nice and moist and delicious, though.  I did pick off the soggy Cheerios.

The large slice I toasted and it was great with butter and the soggy Cheerios because crunchy again.

Next time I make this, I would make changes. 

1.  It needs some more salt.  The recipe only called for 1/4 teaspoon.  If salt is an issue for you, it is not necessary to add more, but I would change it to 1/2 or even a full teaspoon.  This is not a lot and would improve the flavor.

2.  Leave off the Cheerios on the top of the bread.  It looks kind of silly, makes it harder to cut and unless you plan to eat it right away, they get soggy.  Unless you are cooking for children and they get a kick out of the Cheerios!

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  1. Maybe you could put the cheerios inside the bread, in the batter? For the health benefits and all . . .

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