Monday, October 8, 2012

Tha Last Of The Christmas Cards

I made a few more cards for the class I am going to be giving in the Fincastle Library.  I have some simple and basic cards I did early and posted online.  I wanted to do a few more to make them a little more elaborate.  My theory is that there may be a few people that do a lot of crafts and will be faster than others.  They may want the choice to use a few embellishments to make their cards a bit different from all the others.  This way, each card can be different from the others and there won't be a bunch of the same thing.

I have a lot of craft scissors and corner punches that make the card interesting.  Especially if there is a bit of color underneath to show through.


I have a love of colored ribbon for fun and interest without a lot of work.  Glue is a big help.  Here is a hint.  Glue on more than you need.  Then turn it over and trim after the glue is dry.  This way you don't have to cut the exact length and it will fit perfectly.


I wrapped some scrap card stock with scrap Christmas paper and ribbons.  I wanted to be more 3D, but worried it would get smashed in the card and would be unable to be mailed.

So, now I have the ideas for the class.  Now I need to book a time and get the word out.  Then I have to figure out all the supplies for each participant and then add extra for the inevitable  mistakes.  I need an assistant!

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