Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mountain Magic in Fall 2012


Well, it's that time again.  Once again, Buchanan is hosting a Fall celebration right through the center of downtown.  Granted there is not much more to the town than right through the center, but they do a pretty good job for a small town. 


The main street is blocked off and all the merchants have something going. 


Each year we have more and more vendors and more visitors, based on my perusal of the parking situation.


There is a car show for a couple of blocks.  From classic cars to muscle cars to hot rods.  Oh, and an old fire truck.


There is a lot of jewelry and wooden crafts.  The antique stores put out a few things, but you really need to go inside to see all that is for sale.


They have Bluegrass music with different bands throughout the day.  And these aren't garage bands, but real bands with good music.


But, if you are like me, then it is the totally forbidden junk food that is the biggest attraction.  You guessed it FUNNEL CAKES.  These were the best I've had.  I am a purist.  Gotta be just out of the fryer.  They have to have a light dusting of powdered sugar so they are crispy, not smothered and soggy.  Yum.


Of course we had some lemonade for our fruit....and kettle corn for our vegetable.

We both had a hot dog, but didn't slow down long enough for a picture. That was the healthy entree.  Hey!  Mine had pickle relish (veg) and coleslaw (more veg).  I would have had onions (veg) but they were out.  Thereby making a hot dog merely a vessel for lots of delicious veggies.

Then we walked up and down the WHOLE street.  That was at least 3 or 4 blocks.  Up and back.  So that was our exercise.  All in all, a great day.


As long as you don't count the fact that I am feeling a little queasy.  Can't even finish my half of the funnel cake...Better go lie down...the other part of our healthy day...plenty of rest.


And we left our vicious attack cat to watch over our kitchen while we were gone.  How he got his fat self up there is anyone's guess.


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  1. The photos from the fall celebration reminded me of many we have been too, especially when we spent a month touring Maine. And, funnel cakes and hot dogs are our favorites too. Seeing the cat atop your kitchen cabinet was the funniest sight at the end of the post. Did you ever figure HOW he made it up and did you help him down?