Monday, October 8, 2012

Nancy Thayer


I found Nancy Thayer a year or so ago.  And by found, I mean I saw her go across my desk at the library enough times and then checked out one of her books.  That is something I really miss about not working regularly.  I don't "find" new authors.  Or at least, new to me.

I loved the book and just checked out two more.  It was raining all day yesterday, so I just vegged out and read.  In reality, it was important to finish these two books, for several reasons.  They are hardback and therefore hurt my hand to hold and will not fit in my purse for travel.  Plus, I currently have 24, yes, 24 books on hold for me at the library.  So gotta get 'em done so I can go check out more.  They will lose patience with me soon and send them back!

Nancy Thayer writes what I call women's fiction.  They are stories about family relationships.  They frequently are messy and hurtful and funny and touching.  Just like real families.  Or at least MY family. 

In Summer House, the 90 year old grandmother is getting help with her dressing.  "There her heavy breast were, pooling into their cups like a pair of vanilla puddings.  What pleasure they had given her all her life!  She patted them gratefully.  'Good girls,' she said"  Love it.

Later in the book  a new character is introduced as the new wife of the youngest, ne'er do well son.  She is a young, obviously pregnant girl with wildly colored hair and multiple piercings. 

" 'My dear.'  She studied the pregnant woman's face.  'You are having Teddy's child.'

Staring at the floor, Suzette said, 'Well, maybe.' "

Love it!  Family drama!  Then comes the part about acceptance and love and family dynamics. 

Her stories take place on Nantucket, a place I've never been.  After reading a few of her books, it is a place I will put on my "bucket list."

Here is a quote from Dorothy Benton Frank.  She is another author I adore and is a go-to read for me whenever she writes a new book.  Even if it is in hardback.  "Thayer's sense of place is powerful, and her words are hung together the way my grandmother used to tat lace."  And that is why I will go to Nantucket.  And Dorothy Benton Frank is why I will go to the Low Country off the coast of South Carolina.  Someday.


I also read Beachcombers and loved that, too.  Now I have to do some research and see what books I missed and request them.  But not until I finish the ones waiting for me at the library already.  But what if I forget to look and order them after that?  OK. Order one and then when it comes you will remember to order more.  Good idea.  Is there a twelve step program for this???


  1. Enjoy your book reviews! Always perk my I just need more time to read...hopefully soon :)

  2. Hi Rebecca!
    After talking to Dorothy today, I got onto your blog!! And you've commented on mine, but I never realized you were just down the road in Buchanan!!
    Ahhh... I remember reading! It was something I used to do before I started painting our house! :)
    I'm not doing much blog reading this month because of the house, but I'll try and be in touch!