Monday, October 15, 2012

Basement Framing


The basement framing is almost complete.  There are a few fiddly things left for them to do.  That means electrical is next.  I don't do electrical.  Lee does, however.  So I will be his gopher and dogsbody.


I've never added up all the things Lee does, but it is a lot.  For example, our daughter came for a visit this weekend and mentioned a wobble in her car when braking.  Lee diagnosed it as rotors. (No I have no idea either, just trust him, it was the rotors)  Because his records showed it had been quite a few miles since her last brake job, we lent her our car and he fixed both items.  I figure we have saved goo-gobs of dollars over the years.  Goo-gobs is a technical term for scads.


We bought a lot of Romex wire and plastic receptacles for the outlets and switches.  Now I know why people steal copper.  Lee has been drawing notes on top of the electrical plans to help him when he starts running wires.  I can drill holes and nail in receptacles and hand things up ladders, so I will do that.  And sweep up.  Yay.

But in the meantime, it is a beautiful fall day here in Southwest Virginia.  Here is a view off our back deck towards the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Turn a wee bit and you can see the hill behind our house.  Some pine trees are growing back after Pine Borers or something,  did them in a few years ago.  It is nice to have some patches of green through the winter.


Our front porch view is equally splendid.  Why would you want to working in the basement on such a day?


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  1. Don't remember seeing ALL that color during our visit...did it happen AFTER we left? The color here at home is still GREEN and more GREEN and rainy tonight.