Friday, March 9, 2012

While The Cat's Away...

Well, so much for the guest blogger plan. Lee said he had big plans to write, but something always came up. So here is what he would have written about, if he would have written.

We decided to move the potential blueberry patch to a part of the yard where Lee won't fall off the cliff. (I don't want to have to "break in" a new husband.) The old location had good drainage and you could walk comfortably on it but the tractor did not like the slope. I did not like the prospect of hand digging the soil, or that whole damaged husband thing.

We moved the site to alongside the road to the barn. It is level and near the water supply. It is also closer to the trees so that it will be easier to water at the same time. When the trees get big there might be a shade issue, because blueberries like full sun, but we may be dead by then.

Notice the pink buds on the peach tree? Spring is getting ready to burst upon us. And I can't wait.

With no slope to worry about the plow dug up the soil just fine. Lee laboriously brought a good portion of the compost we had spread on the old patch and worked it in to the new patch. I may want to make the patch a bit longer and add some more amendments. I'll test the soil this week and see what it needs. Then we just have to buy the plants and water them all summer and then wait for a few years. And THEN we will have FREE blueberries!

Lee also fixed a problem with the barn doors. When they were installed , the contractor put a latch at the bottom of one side and then there was another latch in the middle to pull them together. The strength of the wind constantly pushed on the side with no bottom latch and bent it in a bit. Lee found a similar latch and installed it. He even drilled a small hole in the concrete for the latch to fit down in. A handy husband is a good thing to have. I recommend it highly.


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