Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Picture Progress

Lee was the library courier for the day and so after working on the binding for the quilt, I went to the barn to clean up the horses and get some pictures for the advertisements I want to place.

Horses get very fuzzy in the winter and I wanted to shed their coats a bit and try for some good pictures. I am hoping the crummy camera won't capture all the fuzzy I missed! If it stays as warm as today, they will be mostly shed in a week or so. The hotter they get the quicker the hair comes off.

While I worked on Claire, I let Libby run around and eat the fresh green grass. They have been in their pasture so much that there is not much left in the way of new green grass coming through. Letting them eat some of the new grass is also a way to slowly let them become accustomed to the richness. Horses can founder and become lame after a winter of little or no grass and only hay and then too much of the rich new stuff. So I like to introduce them to it gradually. A few hours here and there should do it.

It was time to "poison" the horses, so while I had the horses tied up I gave them their bi-monthly worming medicine and some Equi-Spot to keep the flies away. We didn't have any flies last week and now there are plenty!

Claire had so much loose hair on her chest, that I brought a chair over in front of the cross ties to sit on while I pulled off all the loose stuff. She raised her head up and put her nose in the air. It must have felt like getting the itchy spot on your back scratched with just the right pressure! Now she is kind of two toned, so I don't think she looks her best. They both need baths, but it isn't quite warm enough yet.

When I was brushing and dosing Claire, Lee came down the hill to help. It was a good thing because I needed some one to hold the dog and help get the pictures! The dog was so obnoxious we had to tie him up. Chasing horses is too much fun to listen to us. Lee held the horses while I took pictures and vice versa. These pictures are what we ended up with. I think these last two are the best, but I will try to get more when they have shed out and we can get better ones.

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