Monday, March 19, 2012

Soil Testing

It is getting closer to when we have to plant the blueberries. I took out the soil test kit today to see if our preparations have paid off. Because I didn't test before we started I can't see if we are making progress in one direction or another, though.

I took soil samples from several places in our prepared "blueberry section". I mixed them together and followed the directions on the test kit...mostly. It said to let the soil dry overnight. I was too impatient. I should retest tomorrow. I used bottled water as I didn't have distilled.

The pH of our soil was 7.0 This is not good for blueberries. They like acidic soil between 4.5 and 5.5. This will have to come down

Our nitrogen was below the low reading and the potassium and phosphorus were both high.

I have ready multiple articles on blueberry soil prep and here is my plan. I will buy some fertilizer for azaleas. I believe Miracle-Gro sells some. This should help with the nitrogen and the pH as they like acid soil also. I will buy a few bales of peat moss to add some in each hole when I plant. This will help with he drainage and also bring down the pH to a more acidic level.

I have to pick several types of blueberries as they do not self pollinate. I have been given many different ideas, but I may be limited to what the local nurseries have to offer. I guess a lot depends on what types of plants will do well at this location. I've been fighting a cold, and it is winning, so I may have to wait for later in the week, but I am getting anxious. I want to get them in and growing. I have to trim the flowers off for a for at least one year, so I am doing a lot of work for a POTENTIAL future harvest. Too bad I'm not very good at delayed gratification! To quote Tara, " I... AM... SO... IMPATIENT!"

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