Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Cards

I went to Jo-Ann's fabric store with friends to buy fabric for the new quilt we are doing. It always amazes me how we each have the same instructions for fabric and everyone follows them, yet the choices are so different. This makes it fun, I think. While there, I went a bit crazy and bought some lace and ribbons and buttons for card making. I have bought too much stuff, yet not enough to do all the things I see in the books and magazines. I keep telling myself I have to stop and use what I have, but then I go to another store and wander the shelves and something pops up at me. I guess it's cheaper than some having horses, for instance!

While soaking the new fabric for colorfastness, I made a few cards. I have a bunch of books on card making that have to go back to the library. I want to make something while they are still available, and I just bought way more clear stamps than I need. I am experimenting with the clear stamps. They are a lot easier to store because they have no wooden backing. You just peel and stick them to a clear block. They are a lot easier to use because you can see where you are placing them. The problem is I am not very creative and need other peeps to do the thinking. I will probably have to take a class to learn new techniques and get new ideas.

I made a "fancy" Thank You card for which I have no intended recipient. I like to have a bunch of cards made before I need them. I also played around with a few Easter Cards using Fun Flock for fuzziness.

Thank You Card

First I made a few flowers by stamping some clear flower stamps on different colored card stock. Then I used different colored embossing powder. I tried white, gold and pewter because the flowers were stamped on pastel paper. I cut them with scissors and then an Exacto blade.

I cut out some flowered paper (something I MIGHT buy more of if I see it) to fit on some white paper for stamping.

I actually sewed the tiny buttons in the middle of the flowers that I liked best for the paper. I probably could have glued them, but I sewed them and it worked.

I stamped one of my new clear stamps that said Thank You and had lots of curlicues. I picked the one that I used with black embossing powder, cut it out and glued it on a bit of mottled pink card stock that I cut a bit larger.

I used some of the lace I just bought and a bit of left over lavender ribbon from another long forgotten project and played around with how I would place them. Then I glued the whole thing up and decided I liked it. It's not magazine worthy, but I think it would be appreciated.

Now I have to wait for someone to do something really GLORIOUS for me. This isn't the kind of card you give someone for just any old thing!!!!

Happy Easter

I got this Easter stamp on sale at Michael's for $1. I guess it was too close to Easter to be sure they would sell it and so it went on sale. It was cute and had simple lines. I was going to just color it with pastel markers or watercolor pencils, but I had some white Fun Flock and then found some yellow flocking when I was in California.

My liquid glue isn't the best, but I put it where the fur or feathers would be for the rabbit or the chick. Then I sprinkled the yellow flocking for the chick and the white flocking for the rabbit.

It MOSTLY stuck, although it was a bit thin for my taste. I will try again with better glue. The stuff I have is kind of watery and a thicker glue might hold more flock. I colored the egg cups. I used some special scissors to make the edge and then colored with a marker to emphasize the edge.

When I get different glue I may retry it. I would like to try with some embellishments I got with the clear stamp order. It is still cute and I'm not unhappy with it. AND I still have the cute stamp for many Easter's to come. For $1!

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