Friday, March 16, 2012

More Thank You Cards

I have a lot of people in California to thank. I decided to make bunch of cards. I wanted to try out my new set-up in the craft room.

I ordered a bunch of card making idea books from various libraries and looked through them for ideas. I can't do exactly what they do, but I could get some ideas and try to make some with my own spin.

There was a cute one with felt flowers and the words, merci bouquet. I loved the play on the French words for Thank You, merci beaucoup.

I bought some little paper flowers with silver brads to attach them. I also bought some fake flower stems and cut off the flowers and the ends of the stems. The library has some Sizzix cut-outs for flower pots and I was in business.

I cut out the pots on rust colored card stock. I had some dried moss that I cut up and glued to the back of the pots. The pots were then glued to card stock that was cut and folded for greeting cards. I tried to glue the pot so that it stuck out a bit to give the illusion of a rounded shape and to leave room to add the stems.

I put glue on the stems and added them and glued them to the card. I did one card with the paper flowers and one with the plastic/fabric flowers and glued them the best I could. I may need to get the hot glue gun out! I had some pretty sticky dots I used for the centers of the flowers without the brads.

When I was satisfied with that, I used scissors with a fancy corner design to cut the outside corners and then placed pretty paper on the inside of the card to show through where I had cut.

Next I went to the computer and found some fancy fonts and wrote merci bouquet in various sizes and fonts. I picked two I liked and cut them out. Then I cut a bit of pretty paper a bit larger than the words and glued the whole thing on the card.

Now I have to write something on the inside. I wish I had better handwriting!

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