Friday, March 16, 2012

Marcy's Card

I stayed with a friend in California for a few days. Before I left, I made her a card as a Thank You.

Marcy uses the word frickin' as an adjective. As in, "this is frickin' hard". It seems to be a form of the word freaking and is a slang term she uses a lot.

I decided to do a card using her current favorite adjective. I have a few African animal stamps and thought I could come up with a cute play on words.

I stamped a giraffe using brown ink on manila card stock already cut and folded for a greeting card. I stamped a mother and baby elephant on grey/blue paper embossed it and cut it out. I also stamped and embossed a small pile of rocks that I colored with watercolor pencils and then cut out.

I placed the rocks in front of the giraffe to, hopefully, give depth to the card. I placed some small pieces of foam tape on the elephant to make it stand out.

Satisfied with the front, I went to the computer to write the greeting. My handwriting is atrocious. I wrote African in place of the word frickin' and hoped that Marcy would get the joke! At any rate, she would get a Thank You card!

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