Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dumb Move

I got out some heartworm preventative called Heartgard for the dog.  But then I couldn't find the dog.  I put the log in a Ziploc bag and promptly forgot about it.  This morning Lee brought me the chewed up bag and plastic holder where the heartworm preventative used to be.  It seems the one or both cats ate the preventative.  Or opened the package and the dog got it from them.


I know that some medicines for dogs are toxic to cats, so I quickly searched the internet and got conflicting information.  One site said it wasn't an issue and one said to induce vomiting and get the cat to the vet. 

I quickly called our vet and got the number from the recording for the emergency vet, because it is Sunday and the vet is closed.  The emergency vet sent me to an animal poison control center that will answer questions, but it is not a free call.


During all this frantic calling the cats calmly ate their breakfast and sat around the house as usual.


They looked bored, but not sick.  Inducing vomiting, and I can't imagine that would be easy, would be a wasted effort if they had taken poison 10 hours ago.


After obtaining a credit card number and the dosage consumed, and a long wait, I was told the amount was not poisonous and not to worry. Not poisonous even if the smallest cat consumed the entire amount all by his lonesome.



So the lesson is simple.  If you get out something for the dog and he is not immediately available.  PUT IT AWAY.  I figured I would find him and feed him later.  But I forgot.  If you accidently let your cat eat the dog's Heartgard, don't panic and make him vomit.  It won't be good, but the amount won't kill a healthy cat.

That will be $39.00, please.


  1. Oh, no. You poor thing. I'm really glad that everything turned out okay, though I'm sure it was really stressful at the time.

  2. I don't understand why the vet couldn't tell you that. Good grief.