Saturday, January 24, 2015

Frosty Morning

The weather people had dire warnings last night that there would be icy rain and freezing overnight.  I woke up prepared to be stuck here until it warmed up. 


While it was cold I couldn't see any ice on the driveway. 


Lee came in from getting the paper and told me to look behind us at the trees on the neighbors property.


It seems that is was colder on their slope than ours.  The bare trees were coated with ice. 



  1. That's an amazing picture. I came to Winchester yesterday. I left early to miss the storm. Yeah, there wasn't one here either. I'm hoping the one forecast for Monday is a no show as well.

  2. Preety, I ageee, and much nicer to be watching ice from a window view at home to driving on icy roads.