Monday, January 26, 2015

Goodbye John

Lee sold the 1954 GMC truck he rebuilt on eBay.  The new owner is from Flint, Michigan.  He arranged for a guy with a truck hauler to come by and pick it up.


Lee met him at a nearby school parking lot.  He would never get up our driveway.


They loaded the truck and off it goes to an alpaca farm.  The truck hauler had been asked to let the new owner know if the truck was as advertised.  He called him up and raved about it.  Said he was getting a good deal.  He did!


And even as it drove away, Lee was already planning his next purchase.


Of course he still has the 1974 Camaro that is almost finished.  Then when that one sells, I imagine he will find a need to replace that one, too.


  1. Very interesting - that Lee rebuilt it - it sold to someone in Michigan - and he could send a truck carrier to pick it up. I never knew things like that could be done.

  2. Gkad we were able to see the truck before it left and it was a beauty! The photo of the green JD truck and red Camaro was a nice holiday shot!

  3. Lee sure does some great work on vehicles. A great pastime for him. Congratulations on the sale!