Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Crochet Class

My cousin in Troutville got some crochet kits for beginners and held a class for beginning crocheters.  Is that a word?   She asked it I would be available to help out.  I was.  The class wasn't limited to girls, but only girls showed up.  It has been so long since I did any crocheting, that I had to hop on YouTube to remind myself.  I guess as long as I am one lesson ahead of the girls, we should be OK.  I have made a ton of crochet squares and even made an afghan, but it has been years.


One of the easy patterns in the kit was for as phone holder.  They called it a tech cozy.  I wanted to make something easy for a demonstration and also to make sure I knew what I was doing.  The pattern called for two equal rectangles the size of your phone and then sew them together and add a chain stitch for a strap. 


I can't imagine anyone wearing their phone that way and I thought a chain stitch too fragile for the job.  And why make two squares when you can make a rectangle as wide as your phone and then twice as long?  Then you can just fold it over and stitch up the sides.


So that is what I did.  I made a chain stitch of 12 loops.  Then I started a row of single crochet, making sure to do one extra chain stitch at the end of every row so you can turn the piece and start the next row.  That way you end up with 11 stitches.  I just kept doing the single crochet and turning the project until it was the proper length.


Instead of cutting the yarn when the piece was long enough, I just kept using it to sew down one side.  I decided to sew along the bottom and back up the unfinished side, just to keep the decorative stitch all around the piece. 


At the last minute I thought to make a little loop to secure the phone somewhere in a purse, so you don't have to dig for it.  The chain loop would not be necessary.


This is an easy project for a beginner.  But really, how many little girls need their own phone?

OK.  All you little girls that either have or want a phone can stop screaming at me.  So, if you have a phone, make this for it.  And if your mother has one, make this for her.  If your father has one, DON'T make this for him.  Maybe someday we will do a leather project and that would work for him.

That would be a class for both girls and boys.  I wonder if there is a leather wholesaler around here?

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