Monday, November 10, 2014

Grilled Chocolate Sandwich

A lot of my recipe ideas come from the books I happen to be reading at the time.  Because I read about a book a day...well, maybe 5 a week, I can't remember the book I was reading when I read about this amazing idea.  Two women were having a gab session when they decided to have some grilled chocolate sandwiches.  That's all they said about it.

A lot of books with recipes include them at the end.  I flipped to the back of the book, no recipe.  But this sounded like the perfect late night snack for a girls get together.  No females dropped by my house so I decided to invent the sandwich and force feed offer it to my husband for dessert after a light meal of soup.

We all know and love grilled cheese, right?  And almost anyone can make one of those.  I started with that premise and decided the chocolate could be from Nutella.  Nutella has a hazelnut base, so I figured it was a protein and sort of, kinda, healthy.  I decided this based on no actual basis in fact.


This isn't actually a recipe as much as an idea you should take into consideration. 



Yep.  that's it.  I used an electric griddle, but any fry pan would work.


Just spread some Nutella on a slice of bread.  I used white wheat, cause I am all about healthy CHOCOLATE sandwiches.


Place another slice on top and butter the outside of that and place the buttered side down on the hot pan.  Then butter the side facing you.  When the bottom is a toasty brown flip the sandwich over and brown the other side.

"HEY!"  I can hear you yelling.  "That isn't a recipe.  I do that for grilled cheese when there is nothing else in the fridge and I need some comfort food."

Yes, but did you ever think about chocolate instead of cheese?  I thought not.


The sandwich dessert was pretty good.  The outside was buttery and crispy and the Nutella was warm and melty.  In fact, I could have slathered on a thicker pile of the chocolaty goodness.  But remember, we are going healthy, here.

Lee wondered why I didn't add fruit inside.  You know, like Elvis used to like grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  I am not a slices of banana fan, but you go right ahead and add some.  Even better would be some sliced strawberries.  Or raspberries and use a Panini pan.  Or even a George Foreman Grill.  You see where I am going here?  Easy peasy and delicious. 

And if you add fruit to the Nutella protein, it is a main course.  AND healthy.  Sort of.  Kinda.


  1. I do not need another easy way to eat chocolate. I have no, no, no willpower as it is. (We went to Krispy Kreme tonight. I actually thought I had lasted two whole days until my husband asked me when the grand opening was and I replied 'Tuesday". He then said, "Today IS Tuesday." So much for that willpower!

  2. Not something I'd have ever thought of, but it sounds delish.

  3. Rebecca, I do like that you thought of the healthful aspects of this treat.