Monday, November 24, 2014

1974 Camaro

We got the 1974 Camaro that Lee has been rebuilding back from the paint shop recently.  Now the car is almost finished.  There are a few things Lee is going to work on.  Something to do with the shock absorbers and some minor cosmetic details.


He put in a much bigger Pontiac engine, so this car should be able to get the new owner plenty of speeding tickets.  Just so you know, anything 25 MPH over the speed limit will get you jail time in Virginia.  Not a just fine or community service, but jail time.  You might get fines and community service on TOP of jail.  So speed elsewhere.  Or just go 20 MPH over the limit.  That should be enough for a thrill.  There are places on 81 where you can go 70, so 90 miles should feed your need for speed.


By no means am I advocating speeding.  But a powerful engine can also get you out of trouble on a road where you have to merge quickly.  Getting around a truck and up a hill with power to spare is pretty cool, too.


Plus, you can look GOOD in your powerful and sporty Camaro.  Check out that red.  The front seats have been recovered and everything looks great inside, too.


I hope he doesn't sell it too soon.  I think it will be fun to go to a few car shows and just go out for breakfast in our fancy Camaro.

But no speeding please.  I outgrew that thrill a long time ago.

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  1. Where we live on the VA eastern shore, our polic officers will write yiu a nice ticket and then you will pay a nice BIG fine and possibly lose your license.