Sunday, November 16, 2014

Spoiled Dog

We had to go to Petsmart to get some dog and cat food.  Sure, you can get pet food in any grocery or discount store.  But we discovered years ago that better pet food means fewer trips to the vet.  And the "processed" pet food is less objectionable.  Slightly.


I noticed that the giant dog beds we get for RJ were on sale.  The cover of his has been washed multiple times and the fabric is getting a bit thin.  Plus there is a big dent where he likes to sleep.

I guess his humans haven't been turning it around frequently enough.  You can't get good help these days.


So RJ got a brand new bed.  He always takes great interest in his new beds.  This one is a bit smaller, but still more than adequate for one medium sized dog.  He gets a new one about once a year.  Lots of sniffing going on.


And because we have to bring him a treat for his oral fixation, he got a cow part.  He likes many sorts of cow parts.  This time it was a hoof.


The neighbor down the street has a puppy he keeps in a small chain link kennel.  All day and night.  He has a simple plastic dog house.  And that's it.  It was 20 degrees yesterday morning. 


Some would say we spoil our dog.  RJ is a rescue dog, so he may agree.  But he is a very good boy and works hard to deserve it.  You know, for a dog.


  1. Of course he deserves it. Good boy.

  2. Nice to see he is loved. We have 4 farm dogs and they all come in the house and have their own beds on which to sleep. Cannot imagine leaving them outside :(

  3. Oh, he looks like such a good dog. I love how interested he is in his new bed.

  4. He's a sweetie! Dogs should not be left outdoors when it's 20 degrees F.

  5. My dog stayed outside, but she had a nice house with lots of bedding, and if the temperatures dropped I brought her into the garage, where she slept on some old blankets to stay off the concrete. She was never housebroken but somehow she always knew she wasn't supposed to go inside the garage and would be dancing around in the mornings when I woke up and let her out. If it was still cold, she'd come back to the door for me, but if it was warmer, she'd go on back to her house. I had her pre-digital cameras and I'm not sure I have a single picture of her.