Friday, November 21, 2014


The sidewalk we started a few weeks ago is finished.  When I say we, I mean Lee and the contractor.  Lee used the tractor to haul out the dirt and bring in the rock.  He also helped shovel stuff in the front loader.


I have a good excuse for not helping.   I have a bad back.  Lee has a bad back, but you can't tell him to be careful.  Well, you can, but he may or may not listen.


I was, however the landscape architect, if you will.  I wanted the lines of the sidewalk to mimic the curves of the garden.  I also wanted to incorporate the area around the flagpole.


I liked the organic look of the curves.  I also didn't want any places that needed mowing between the lawn and the garden.  Little bits of mowing would be a pain.

I'm hoping the longer space between the lawn and the garden will cut down on the weeds.  But that may be just a pipe dream.


Lee removed the old pavers and filled the holes.  We figure new grass will take over in spring.  We are in no hurry.  Then we have to pull up the pavers bordering the garden , fill under them with sand and reset them.  I think that will wait for a warmer day.  Like Spring!

Now we have an inviting walk to the front door.  No more getting your feet wet trying to step in the pavers on a rainy afternoon.


Of course, now we have a front sidewalk to shovel on snowy days. 

The new rule is that on snowy days you should come in the back door through the garage.  Wait a minute.  That was the old rule. 

Remind me again why we put in this sidewalk?

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  1. I LOVE curvy sidewalks.... so sexy! No, really.... I do think they are so much more attractive than just a straight sidewalk. We had a curvy one at our last home and now at this one also. Good choice!