Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tea Party

I invited a friend over recently for a little tea party.  I didn't tell her, but she was the guinea pig for my latest recipes.


I had made some pumpkin banana bread and wanted to try little finger sandwiches, using that for the bread, and some Philadelphia honey pecan cream cheese.

I thinly sliced the pumpkin banana bread that had been baked the night before.  I thought it would hold together better if given time to cool and for the moisture of the bananas to come through.

I spread the slices with the cream cheese and cut them into fourths.


I placed them on a tiered server.

I had also made some almond croissants and put those out as well.


Lee had recently gotten me a cute beehive tea set from Poplar Forest.  We had tea from the White Oak Tea Tavern.


We visited half the day and tried not to eat too many of the special treats.  The food and the company were marvelous and I want to do it again.  But a person can only have so many days of special treats, or they won't be special, now will they?


  1. It all looks tasty and I adore the teapot.

  2. A lovely tea party menu and very nice beehice cups to serve some tea in.