Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Waiting For The County

Our property is zoned for agriculture.  In order to get county approval for our B&B, we have to get a zoning change.  So we have to fill out an application.


After a bit of back and forth, they said our application was complete and we had to submit 25 copies.  Rather than using up a boatload of ink, or monopolizing the library copier, we went to the UPS store and got the copies made, collated and stapled.


Now the county has to send a letter to all the properties that border ours. That's quite a few, as we have almost 60 acres. If any of them object to our zoning change, they can come to the Board of Supervisors meeting and tell them about it.  There will also be an ad in the local paper so others know about this proposed change.

I don't see how it will affect neighbors as it will be a one bedroom B&B and I doubt we will have too many guests, one car at a time.  Still, they will have a chance to voice an opinion.


Let's hope they all love the idea.  That way, when their mothers-in-law come to visit, they can put her up with us and preserve their marriages!  Cheap at twice the price.


Don't you love our county offices?  Our courthouse was designed by Thomas Jefferson.


The old Jail is now the Chamber of Commerce.  Not sure I want to work in a building with BARS on the windows. 


But it does make for an interesting office.


Let's hope these old buildings approve the idea of a new business.


  1. After all those trees were sacrificed, hope you get the approval.

  2. I didn't realize you didn't have your SEP. I guess I will be seeing you at the supervisors meeting when that comes through!

  3. Love the pictures. Getting close. Woo Hoo