Friday, September 13, 2013

Time To Finish the Quilt

I started a quilt MONTHS ago.  I am at the quilting part of making a quilt.  The part when you see all the other parts where you messed up and the darn thing is giving you fits.  The part where smart people send the quilt off to be done by talented professionals.  Well, no one ever called me smart.  Well, they did, but smart was usually followed by another word.

I have finished all the furniture projects and am ready to finish the quilt.  No matter how it ends up looking, it's got to be finished.  Because I just signed up for my fourth class and I can't have one half finished.   I know there are lots of folks out there with quilts in various stages of completion and I don't want to be one of them.  Once you put it in a cupboard to work on the new one, you may never get it back out.


One of the things holding me up, was I wanted to put a label on the quilt.  I just bought a new embroidery machine and I wanted to use that.  It is pretty cool. You just type the line, hit go and watch it sew.  But I was afraid to start.  Yesterday I finally took a practice piece I used at the Trinity Quilt Shop for a class and put in some old thread from a previous project and played around until I got it the way I wanted it.


It is hard to read.  On the other hand I put it on the front and I didn't want it to be obvious.  It says:

Rebecca Smith
3rd Quilt


At first I thought I would only embroider on the top or just on the back of the quilt.  I chose to embroider through all the layers.  But that means you have to be able to read backwards if you look at the back of the quilt.


I have been numbering them for a couple of reasons, but mainly so that if these survive me, my grandchildren will be kind when they notice the flaws.  Ohhh!  They will say.  This was one of the early ones.  No wonder it is so wonky.

I am excited about getting more done.  But then we went to an estate sale this morning.  I bought a table that needs some work.  It will just have to wait for the quilt.  Maybe.  I have company coming at the end of September and I want the new rooms to look great.  And I need some more tables.  Now what?



  1. Oh, I'm excited to hear more about the quilt! And speaking of estate sales, there's a good one here in Daleville at 73 Catawba Rd., today and tomorrow. A huge, beautiful colonial house with loads of antiques. We went yesterday. Fun!

  2. Neat little side table! Looks like it doesn't need any work either.

  3. Rebecca, I am all caught up on your blogs and am so looking forward to your next adventure. I have a recommendation for you, you need to write a book because I want to save all of these recipes and stories. Good work! Well done!