Monday, September 23, 2013

Just A Few More Pieces

We are getting closer to having furnished the whole basement.  Many pieces were bought at antique stores.  We love to go and browse and now we get to actually purchase a few things.

Some pieces we got at Estate Sales, here and near Alexandria, where my brother lives.


Today we picked up few things from a Crowning Touch auction.  We have been looking for and pricing electric fireplaces.  We have a spot we tiled and thought to put one.  We even have the English Hunt print ready for over the mantel. 


We saw two at Crowning Touch and when the online auction happened over the weekend, we bid on the oak one.  We also bid on a few other pieces.  By the end of the auction, we had a side table, an oak chair and two lamps.  All for less than the cost of a new fireplace.


Sure it has a few minor scratches.  But that means we don't have to kill a cat or two if they scratch it.  NOT that they are allowed down there, but things happen.  It works and gives off quite a bit of heat.  So we are happy.

A couch, a few more pieces and we will be ready for business.


  1. Looks like a super nice fireplace and great addition to the final B&B. I can't wait to see it all done and decorated!

  2. Re-cycling items for another use or in a new place is what we enjoy doing as well and getting them at a bargain is always so nice.