Monday, September 2, 2013

Tile Backsplash

I knew I wanted a tile backsplash and if you have been following our construction project, you saw the tile I chose.  I was planning on doing it myself, but it was a lot of tile and expensive and Lee suggested I hire it done and then I wouldn't go postal.  Or at least that was what he implied.  ME??  Get frantic when ruining the wall AND the tile.  Like THAT would ever happen!


The lady at Valley Tile, Connie,  was very helpful.  She talked me out of using the glass tiles for the whole thing and suggested some travertine with the glass tiles for an accent.  She had a portfolio of work she had done and I could see how too many of the small tiles with many colors is just too busy.  AND it could get very expensive.  I had pictures of the cabinets and the granite and together we picked what I wanted.  Then, and ONLY because Lee insisted strongly encouraged, we asked her to do the work.


She and her husband, Denny, just left.  He will come back in 48 hours to seal everything again and make sure everything is perfect.  I am glad to have him come for the extra sealing.  They did seal it before they grouted it to keep the tiles clean.  But an extra bit of sealing will protect them and the grout.  It may darken just a tad more, which will be great either way.


Although at the moment it looks superb.  Lee says it makes the room look cozier.  I love the way it picks out the colors from the granite counter and the cabinets and pulls them all together.


Now all we need it a trompe l'oeil painting of looking out a window that will go over the sink to finish this room.  We are debating between ordering one online and getting a local artist to do it for us.

But in the meantime, THANKS Connie and Denny!  Great Job!


  1. It's all coming together sooo nicely! I think this tile is perfect! Timeless.

  2. Wow, that tile is perfect. Great choice, great job installing it. Now, aren't you glad hubby insisted on it being done!!

  3. Sometimes, you just got to let the guy make the final decision and hey look at the work and possible grief it saved you...yeah to Lee.

  4. I have a limited edition print that would go great there. Let me know if you're interested. It just needs to be framed.