Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Just Need a Couple More Tables

I guess I never realized how many tables people use.  Ones for lamps and eating.  Bedside tables and a place to put a cup of coffee while you read the paper.


I bought this one at an estate sale.  It must have been near a window, because one side had the finish burned off from the sun over many years.  Sure, I don't mind stripping and finishing ANOTHER table, she said with a smile...while gritting her teeth.


So we bought more furniture refinisher and I spent more time with gloves and steel wool and sandpaper.

Then a bit of stain.  It doesn't take the stain evenly, of course.  So I have to obsess on that for awhile.  And try more stain.  And then Lee, the resident genius says that it is an old piece and the color variations gives it character.

First he saves me from wasps and thorny patches of blackberries.  Now he saves me from sanding this furniture to toothpicks.  And that is why I married him and why I'm not giving him up!


Then three coats of Tung Oil and it looks great.  I am almost finished with this small portion of the B&B.


Chair or no chair?


  1. My vote is for no chair, but uncertain as to what could replace it if you feel the need to balance that side of the room...perhaps a large decorative urn. Hey, that could mean another shopping trip or estate sale. Another alternative would be 2 large comfy seating chairs replacing the table and lamp as well.