Sunday, September 8, 2013

Truck Mirrors

Lee is almost finished with the GMC truck he has been rebuilding.  The goal is to finish it in time for the Mountain Magic In Fall celebration in Buchanan, VA.  Every year the town blocks off the road and has music, vendors and a car show.  My favorite part is the food, of course!


Lee likes the cars and we walk down and look at them all...while I graze on cotton candy and then healthy food like funnel cakes or a pulled pork sandwich!

If you don't go you are missing out on a fun, small town festival.  And you will miss seeing us with our "John Deere" truck.


One of the last things to do was put on the mirrors. I sat inside and Lee moved it around until I could see the side of the truck. 


Then he marked and drilled the holes. 


So, when you see the truck in Buchanan, remember.  Lee did not build this all by himself.  I helped.



  1. Of course you did, my dear... LOL Looks like a fabulous job on it and love the John Deere green paint job!

  2. There's a saying that . . .every little bit helps . . And you did your bit and helped, Rebecca.

  3. You must ride that truck in the next Buchanan parade!