Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wall Art

I had a suggestion from a fellow blogger.  I think it was from Diane at   If it was someone else, please let me know and I will make a correction. 

The suggestion was to take a bunch of pictures, print them on canvas and use them as wall art.  My camera has some great special effects that I thought would be fun to try.  For example I can use  a watercolor option.

 Or a illustration option


or even a painting option.


I like the old timey look of black and white. Does this look like the Amityville Horror house?


I have been waiting for the hay to be cut. 


And waiting. 


This strangely wet summer has made it extremely difficult for farmers to cut the hay.  You need at least two days in a row of dry, hot weather and that has not been the case all summer!


They got some of it done last week and I ran out to get some pictures.





Just like most farmers around here, they are very fond of John Deere. 


I got a picture of their tractors all lined up. 


I am going to make copies for them, too.


I kind of like the black and white versions the best.  I love the shadows from the tree behind me.  Or is it too creepy?


Oops.  As I am loading these pictures, which I really like, I noticed that there is a bit of schmutz in the upper right hand corner on the lens.  Oh, bother, says Winnie-ther-Pooh. Now I'll have to retake some and they might not turn out as good as the original.  Especially this cool shadow.

Back to the drawing, dark room???


  1. No need for post editing software since many digital cameras, even simple point and shoot models offer so many in camera effects.

  2. Those are great effects! Even better than many I've seen in editing software. What kind of camera do you have?

  3. Do you print them yourself or order the prints? (The canvas prints I've seen are somewhat pricey.)