Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stinky House

I just got back from visiting my mom in California.  I also went to my 40th high school reunion.  It was big fun to see all the friends I grew up with.  I don't think I talked to anyone I met in high school, but I spent the whole evening with friends I had known since elementary school.


Don't we look like a fun group??

Lee stayed home all by himself.  Well, he would have liked to be all by himself.  He had the pets to contend with.  And that is why I came home to a stinky house.  Oh, he cleaned it.  Many times.  But skunk odor is hard to get out.  Right, RJ??

Too ashamed to look me in the eye.

So the rug from our bedroom is currently on the screen porch awaiting a good scrubbing.  I KNOW you are not supposed to use a carpet cleaner on it, but it's not coming back in the house until I do.  If it is ruined, so be it.


Lee hosed it off, but I am going to clean it and see if I can get the remaining residue out.  It seems RJ ran in the house and rubbed his sprayed face on the carpet to get the spray off.  Thanks.  Good dog.

Lee says that after washing the dog and removing the rug, there still was a strong odor.  It seems that unlike NORMAL dogs, the spray was not enough to deter RJ and he managed to kill the skunk and leave it outside the bedroom window. Who does that?  Other than RJ.

He knows he is a BAD dog.

He looks so sweet and innocent.  He isn't.  Do not bring your pet skunk or rabbit to the Smith family abbatoir.  Should I start to worry about our cats???


  1. I actually took a similar rug outside and used a pressure washer on it. I, too, had nothing to loose at that point. It came out beautifully. You just need to find something to drape it over to let the water drain down and let air on both sides to dry it. May take a couple of days to dry. Don't get too alarmed by the smell. If it has a jute backing somewhere in the layers, jute smells really bad when it is wet. It is probably the woven rug, a layer of jute and some kind of cloth backing (or maybe not jute at all). I draped mine over the patio table and used the chairs for additional support along the edges.

    1. We used the pressure washer idea and are now waiting to make sure the rug is completely dry to bring it back in.

  2. While the prospect and expense of a new rug is not pleasant, it sure bets skunk odor. Also, the previous suggestion assumes you will have a stretch of no rain days so the carpet could air and dry. Good luck, and this is why we shall remain peerless for now.