Saturday, August 24, 2013


Our cat has become possessed.  Many people, upon seeing him for the first time, exclaim over his handsome profile and gorgeous coat.  He loves to be admired and will run over and expose his fluffy, curly belly to be rubbed, purring subtlety.


Tuesday our daughter came to visit and brought her cat.  She would not like to be left all alone in the apartment.  Our cats have proven territorial, so we have been keeping Belle in Tara's room, for her protection.  Our two cats have been waiting outside the room like paparazzi, waiting to pounce on a fallen movie star.


Rhett has a knack for opening the closet in Tara's room, so she has been using a bungee cord to make sure he can't get to Belle when we aren't around to save her. And a spray bottle filled with water in case he tries to sneak in.


She hides under the bed when we come in the room in case the DEVIL cat comes in with us.  Poor, scared victim... I mean baby.


 Tara used her leg to try to push Rhett out of the doorway as he attempted to squeeze in and he went crazy, biting and scratching. She pushed  him off and he turned his aggression on his brother in a frenzy of a yowling cat fight, tumbling down the stairs,  until Lee broke it up with a soccer kick.


Two days later her bite is infected and we take her to the Velocity Care clinic in Daleville.  They are required reporters (yes, his shots are up to date)  and now Rhett is on house arrest for 10 days and has a record.  A Botetourt felon.  One strike.


Lessons learned:  Don't break up a catfight without the proper armored clothing (Kevlar leggings?) and don't use your real name at the Velocity Clinic.

Looks innocent up on that bookcase, doesn't he?

Until you see his devil eyes...  Cue Jaws, or maybe Psycho music!


  1. He is a rascal, just like another Rhett (Butler).

  2. He sure did a number on her leg!! Hope she is healing nicely. Welcome home by the way!!!

  3. Poor Tara! May she heal quickly!

  4. Oh no. Those cats. We just added a cat to our household and the tension is high.

  5. Yikes!
    I broke up a fight between two dogs with my foot/ankle.....that was a BIG Mistake on my part.

    1. We never think of the possible consequences. Only to stop the behavior.