Saturday, August 10, 2013

Free Magazines

 I read about a new program through the library to get free magazines to download on my iPad or other electronic devices.  I like free.  It's one of my favorite things.

I gave up magazine subscriptions because I don't always read them or there is only one or two things I find interesting and therefore, not worth the cost.  Plus, where do I put them? Must I keep them forever?  Can the shiny pages be recycled?

But if I could read them on my iPad and never have to recycle or worry about cost?  I'm in.

I generally go to Fincastle or Buchanan library and got help there.  The system also works through the Roanoke library system.  I assume that most libraries in the United States that have a e-library system are also hooked up.

This is how I did it.

Go to the county site. In my case it is  I don't know why I can't go through the library site, but I couldn't figure it out and this is what I was told.  You folks elsewhere will have to check with your libraries!


From there click on LIBRARY and then ONLINE SERVICES.


Scroll down to Magazines and News and click on  ZINIO.


You will need to have a library card number to sign up ( which you can get in any of the county libraries) and you have to download the free ZINIO app.

Follow the prompts and then choose a few magazines and start reading.

You can bookmark pages to return to, which is good for those that want to refer back to recipes and decorating ideas.  Like ME!

I have only been doing this for a few weeks, so I don't know if the next month of the magazines I chose will pop up or if I will have to go choose them again. It isn't an onerous thing, so I don't mind either way.  There is quite a few to choose from.   I really like this new program.

But, PLEASE, libraries.  Don't stop buying BOOKS.  They don't run out of power in the middle of the book.  I can flip back and forth in chunks and I just like them better.  My potential future grandchildren may not , though.

I'm OK with e-magazines, though.


  1. Free is good! And yes, paper magazines tend to pile up. I have way too much mail piling up so I have cut back on magazines. I've also called a couple of catalog senders and had them stop mailing me catalogs. I can search them online when I want to.

  2. How neat! I'm so glad you posted about this. I will have to see if this will work with my Nook!

  3. We also stopped getting magazine subscriptions, even Cook's ( after 2 years we have a backlog of recipes). I tend to take some time when volunteering at the local library to look thru magazines there. Do you find magazines you would normally read in paper form or some new ones?

  4. I did this with a PC but I went through the Roanoke County system. I didn't know Botetourt had it available. I still subscribe to a number of magazines, though not ones that this service offers.