Monday, August 5, 2013

Modern Ma and Pa Joad

We just got back from Alexandria.  My brother and sister-in-law invited us up to go out on some estate sales with them.  Jane has been touting the joys (and savings) of estate sales and I wanted to take advantage of her expertise.  Oh, and to visit them.


The first day was pretty much a bust.  I did find a few small things, but no furniture.  I got very discouraged as you have to get there early and then fight crowds and lines.   I am not good about standing in lines.  I have a hip that dislikes that immensely and then spends a few hours reminding me of that fact.  I was ready to throw in the towel, but they encouraged me to try one more day.

Good thing, too, because we found quite a few things.


We found a TV console and a bedside table.  I'm not too concerned with matching bedside tables, as long as they are a similar wood and color.  If I find two I like better for the bedroom, the small table will be useful in other parts of the basement.  We've got a lot of rooms to fill.


We bought a Lyre table and a large beveled glass mirror with a metal frame.  I like them together, but they may find a different home as time goes by.


I really like the granite topped wine rack.  It is the perfect height to be additional counter space in the kitchen or to be used as a serving table for drinks or hors d'oeurves.  I put a sealer on it last night and now I have to polish it up and it will be good to go.

We have to store everything on the tile as the carpet didn't get installed when it was supposed to. No more shopping for a few weeks.

Jane sold me a few chairs that she bought, but is now going in a different direction in that room.  They will work great for me and are really comfortable. 


But there was no more room.  We'll have to go back up and maybe hit another sale or two.  The back of the car was chock full. I felt like the modern version of Ma and Pa Joad on my way out of the dustbowl with all our worldly goods.  Or maybe the Beverly Hillbillies.


Does that make me Granny??  I sure hope not.  Well, I would be OK with Grandma. : 0

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