Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Highway by C. J. Box


I just finished a book that I hated and liked all at the same time.  It is The Highway by C. J. Box.  He also writes the Joe Pickett mystery series.  I also like them and they were the books I recommended first for men when they needed help choosing a book.  Men that usually read non-fiction sometimes asked for help when branching out into the fiction areas of the library.

The Highway is about two young girls, sisters 16 and 18 years old, driving to their father's house for the Thanksgiving holiday.  The older sister decides to take a side trip to visit her boyfriend who is attempting to break up with her.  The younger sister doesn't want to go and is dragged off against her will, half way into the trip.

At the same time there is a long distance trucker who is a serial killer and he is driving the on the same road the older sister has taken.  This is where I didn't like this book.  I have two daughters and I know there are actual serial killers travelling the highways of the world.  It was not easy to keep reading and I almost gave it up several times.  On the other hand C. J., as I call him (We are buds, like that, picture my fingers entwined, compadres....perfect strangers.  But I HAVE recommended him many times.) ...well, Mr. Box is a really good writer and will keep your interest and there are enough twists to keep you guessing most of the way through.

I did think he could have ramped up the terrible things that happened to the girls, but then, I think I read that he is the father of daughters and maybe he didn't want to imagine too many horrible things happening to his daughters, either.  He writes with more intensity for his Joe Pickett novels, so maybe it was the whole issue with young girls in danger. 

I liked the book and it had suspense and it was a good read.  If you want a truly gruesome look at serial killers, watch or read Dexter.  If you like your late night reads to keep your interest without having to put it down and check the door locks and the location of your handgun, give The Highway a try.


  1. I watched Dexter. A few series worth and need to see if there is a new season on Netflix. It's so gruesome yet fun to watch. LOL

  2. Oh- it sounds like a page-turner! Yet I think I would have anxiety attacks if I read it....