Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Free Cutting Board

My sister-in-law took me to an estate sale when I visited her a few weeks ago.  I found a wooden cutting board in the $1.00 box.  I bought a few other things and because the cutting board needed some serious work, I got it for free.

There is a bit of cupping, it warped from something.  That I won't try to fix.  But the surface was rough and had a lot of cuts from years of service.  There was some kind of stain, as though from moisture.  Probably from whatever  caused the warping.


I thought it could be brought back with just a bit of sanding.  And I needed a cutting board for the second kitchen in the basement for the B&B patrons.  Then the sander got dropped when someone, who shall be nameless, dropped it off the ladder.  Well, we had the sander for about 30 years, so I guess we got our money's worth. 

Naturally, they no longer make that sander.  Any tool that works just great for 30 years can't be continued!

I am not a good shopper.  I have to look at everything and agonize over the cost and probable efficiency.  Does spending more guarantee a better product?


Nonetheless I found a small sander that I thought would work for around $30 at Lowe's. Then we bought some sand paper.  After sanding I will need to oil the cutting board, so another $5.00 or so.

And LOOK!  Smooth as a baby's behind and freshly oiled.  A free cutting board for only about $40!  What a bargain hunter I am!


Soon I will tell you about the good deal I got on chairs that need to be refinished and recovered. I am saving money hand over fist!


  1. HA! Can't wait to see you next big deal.. LOL

  2. Yessiree, you sure do know a good bargain when you see one, Rebecca. Maybe the cutting board will last maybe as long as the original sander? Looking forward to reading about the bargain chairs and suspect it will be just as amusing and informative, of course.

  3. Found you thru Diane!! What a funny post!! These things happen to me and my hubby all of the time!!

    1. I wish it was only this one time...