Monday, April 1, 2013

Blue Border, Quilted

We had a bunch of errands to do today, so all I did was quilt the blue border.  I didn't know what to do there.


I found a template that I used back when I was doing a lot of scrapbooking.  It has a scalloped edge for making scalloped borders.  I used my chalk marker and ran a scallop down the middle of the border strip.

I would have marked the whole thing and done a continuous line, but in the past this has been a mistake.  The chalk is very light and rubs off easily.  You can't mark too many things at one time or the markings disappear.


This border is very narrow and close to the edge of the quilt so it fit easily under the machine arm.  I had to go slowly.  If I sewed too fast, it was difficult to make the turns smoothly.

It turned out OK.  This fabric is thinner that the rest and can pull and stretch a bit. It also collected an amazing amount of cat hair.  Not sure where THAT came from. 


 My hope is that any anomalies can be ironed out when I am all done!  And sticky tape should help....


Next I have the wider green border to decide.  I don't know what I will do there.  I want to do triangles within triangles i side the light blue triangles and I think they will be not too difficult to do.  Once again I will have to stop and start to keep the bulk of the quilt from jamming under the sewing arm when I turn the fabric

Tomorrow I take the embroidery class and I hope to learn how to do some really fun things.  I'll let you know!.

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  1. I think I have sewing machine envy. I'll work through it. I love the scalloped quilting line. I look forward to seeing some embroidery soon. On a sidenote, your kitty looks just like our sweet Himalayan cat from years ago.