Wednesday, April 24, 2013



We had a few more stumps to pull this morning.  As we drove out to the field we discovered we had been invaded by cows.  It seems the grass IS greener over here.  Who knew cows were fond of clichés?


 RJ loves to bark at cows.  In general they aren't afraid of him and stare him down.  Eventually they move off.  He gets them started in the direction he wants and then comes back to make sure we recognize his bravery.  Ten minutes later they were back with reinforcements.  Now we had 15 or 20 of them.  It seems EVERYBODY wanted this greener grass.


We lost the number of the cow's daddy.  This is not a new phenomenon and we used to have the number on our fridge.  But it has been awhile and then I cleaned the fridge and put the number in a safe place.  Where we wouldn't forget it.  Good thinking on my part.

Wind or rain will knock down a tree across the barbed wire between out two properties and here they come.  Because the fence is way up in the woods, we don't know it is down until the presence of cows informs us.  Lee called the cow's daddy's Uncle's wife, which was the only number we knew. Whew!   She kindly called the cow's daddy to come and get 'em.

Then I noticed that RJ had rolled in something stinky.  This is a favorite RJ activity.  Usually it is a dead something.  Today it was a fresh cow plop.  This is a euphemism, in case you are wondering.  But these were cow and not bulls, so THAT word wouldn't fit. But it is still gross and disgusting and so now he is clean and shinny and still kind of wet.  And I am beat from digging out more stumps and from bending over and giving a dog a bath when I had better things to do.


  1. You are working hard!! I remember when we lived in a duplex on a farm near Fincastle, cows occasionally wandered into our yard. Only one time do I remember them wandering into the road, and my husband came home to find me trying to herd them back. Ha! They didn't listen to me.

  2. Hope the cow's daddy works on fixing that fencing and washing a dog under normal circumstances is not easy...not a good day adding in the stump pulling.