Friday, April 19, 2013

Most Of The Tile


The tile guys got most of the tile installed.  I think they would have finished by now except for the fact the "in stock" tile was out of stock!


The kitchen and bathroom floor are pretty straightforward.  But I wanted to do something different in the foyer.  I was going to buy a fancy tile for an inner border, but didn't see any that we thought would go with the tile we picked.


So I found a tile I liked and had the contractor cut strips of it and use that for the border.  I like the way it turned out and it had the added bonus of being a whole bunch cheaper.  The center of the border was turned at an angle and it givers it some interest without being fussy. 


We had to come in a tile and a half to make it even and to accommodate the buffet/sink we will be installing when we find the right piece.  I didn't want the border to be obscured by the furniture.  Furniture for which we are still looking.  MORE trips to antique stores.  I don't want something super nice or expensive as I am going to cut a big hole in it to put in a sink.


Now they need to grout what they finished and start work on the shower.  It's starting to look like a house!  We are just waiting on the tile store to get in stock the in stock tile!