Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Horsey Spa

I am getting ready to send Claire off to be sold.  She needed a bath and a trim first.

I put her on the lunge line to get her used to listening to humans after the winter off.  I also hoped to tire her a bit and get her WANTING the icy cold water from the hose.

Shampoo and cream rinse and in to the barn for a trim.  A little off the top and no more whiskers.

Naturally the first thing she did was roll in the very green grass. 


Your help is not needed, RJ. 


But at least her tail is still clean!


She still has some shedding to do, but she is almost back to her non-fuzzy self.  I left her out a bit to graze.  I have to remember to put her up early as it is not good for horses to eat too much fresh green grass after a winter of dried hat.  They can founder.  This can cause pain and lameness.


Isn't she pretty?