Sunday, April 28, 2013



When I bought my new embroidery machine, I was told I could send off our logo for the B&B and get it digitized.  Cool!  So now I can put it on everything.  Maybe the towels.  Or the bathrobes for the room.


Check out all the colors I can choose from!


I could go crazy and do napkins and tablecloths.  Make a picnic cloth to go with the picnic basket we have.

The really sad thing is this is probably what the kids will be getting for Christmas forever more.  Monogrammed somethings. 

And because we have a married daughter who is still using her maiden name, we will have to make one for each.  And we have a daughter who JUST got engaged so she will need current and future monograms.


It is a good thing I bought this machine.  It is so useful!



  1. Oh, the possibilities! When are you planning to open the bed and breakfast? I am so very interested in hearing about it.

  2. Now if you only had a macine to make the towels too...that would really be nifty, Rebecca.