Monday, April 8, 2013

Off to Paint

Well Lee's mid fifties GMC flatbed is off to get painted.  I would tell you the exact date, but every time I do, Lee tells me I got it wrong, AGAIN.  I think it is a 1955, but maybe not.  It could be a 1954.  Those are the two choices.  Not a car person.  If it works and is comfortable, I'm good.


First he had to take the flat bed off.  It is a good thing we have a lift as it would be too heavy for us to lift otherwise. 


The truck runs, but it is not registered or insured, so he will tow it around until that changes.


Towing it is not an easy proposition.  First, it is bigger than the truck he is using to get it to the paint shop. 


The second thing is, we don't use the tow dolly very often and we have to figure out how to work the straps to hold the vehicle on EVERY time.  It isn't easy and involves a lot of holding straps in the air and imagining.  On the other hand, some mental struggling is way cheaper than a tow truck.  Good exercise, too!


I can't wait to see the finished product!  Lee is getting it painted in John Deere green.  He had the upholstery done in green with yellow trim, so it should be striking.  John Deere is big in farming circles and some farmer may really want this truck to haul his hay.  I think it would also be fun to go to the John Deere dealership and park it out front.  Maybe they would like it to deliver mowers or something.

 I hope it doesn't sell before the next Cruise-In in Buchanan.  It might be fun to see the reaction from local people.  Lee has a done a great job and now he is ready to start on the 1974 Camaro he just bought.  And, yes, it is a 1974.  I think.

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  1. We remember seeing this truck in your garage and it should look great when reprinted...way too pretty to haul hay.