Friday, July 27, 2012

Video Nightmare

Well, nightmare is a bit dramatic.  I have both of our horses for sale and listed on  There are pictures of them, but I have been asked to get some video for Claire.  This will help to determine if it will be worth the potential buyer driving to see her.  There are a few people waiting to see Libby when the trainer gets back from vacation.

I am not a technology wizard.  I know how to use the computer for email and this blog.  I can do searches and keep an Excel file.    Then I can....Nope.  That's about it.  I just got a"smart phone"  and it is obviously smarter than I am.  I even took a class, but I am not prepared for anything beyond the basics.

 I have spent most of an entire day taking the video and then sending the video.  Granted the taking of the video was only about an hour. 

I tried to send it from the phone and it "told" me that the file was too large.  I tried to email it from the phone and was told the same thing.  Then I tried to plug the phone in to the computer and send it by email.  The computer wanted to download software.  After quite some time I was told to load the disc with the software. Huh?  I don't got no stinkin' disc!

We went online to the Samsung site.  The phone is too new to have the software available.

Then I tried to download to YouTube.  The 4 second piece loaded.  The longer one did not.  So now Claire has 4 seconds on Youtube. 

So now I am going to try to load it here on my blog. Here goes nothing.

And nothing it is.  I tried my camera and my "smarty pants" phone.  Neither will load.  I am not an idiot.  I can follow prompts.  But I can't get this freaking piece of...I can't get it to load.  Don't bother clicking on any arrows.  There is  nothing there.  Sorry. 

I am officially too tired to deal with this any more.  I am going to channel Annie and think that the sun will come out tomorrow and THEN I will be able to figure this out.  If not I will channel Dexter and then look out world.

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