Friday, July 20, 2012

More Humidity

If this heat doesn't break soon I will have accomplished nothing all summer.  I DID go to the basement and check on the mouse traps I set yesterday!  That is an unpleasant chore, but we caught a few down there a few weeks ago.  Maybe the cats got any still there when they lived in the basement during the power outage.  If so, good.  Stick to rodents and leave the birds alone, I say!

I wanted to get our new Hydrangea in the ground right away.  The last time I kept plants in the garage until I could plant them, they died.  That's why I don't have any yellow squash.  I hope the butternut squash will have a good harvest.  I DO have plenty of zucchini.  Anybody want to trade some zucchini for some yellow squash??

My cousin in Troutville likes the BIG zucchini to make into zucchini boats, so I left a few on the vine for her and her family.  She has a lot of kids, but I doubt they want THIS many giant zucchini boats for many meals to come!  She will still have to take them just to be polite.  Thank goodness they are all very polite. 

I have no idea what she puts in the zucchini boats, but I may try to do something with bread crumbs and sausage and then bake them, because I have a lot of zucchini to eat, also.

I cut some basil and lavender to force myself to use them in a dish, too.  I have a lavender bread recipe I may try....

When harvesting, I made a side trip to the compost pile.  The soil by the house is too rocky to be good, so I always add lots of compost.  When I no longer have horses, I will have to go get horse droppings elsewhere.  I love a good compost pile!  I know that makes we weird.  I'm OK with that.

The Hydrangea now has a lovely, composty home and I hope she will be happy and thrive.  I went in to the house.  People don't like humidity like plants do.  I should vacuum, but I probably won't.  I worked for a whole hour.  Isn't that enough industriousness in this heat?


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