Thursday, July 26, 2012

Maybe We Could Share

According to the news, the Midwest is just as hot as we are here in Virginia.  We at least get a break almost every day where is is not only hot, but with thunderstorms and rain.  I bet the farmers in the Midwest would like some of this rain.  This is my excuse for STILL not going out and getting anything done.


Lee is installing the last garage door opener on our "new" garage.  It is an extra long door and needed extensions and I don't know what all.  I bought the opener as a birthday gift for him and now I feel bad that is is out there in this heat waaaay at the top of the garage where it is even hotter.  I would help him, but ladders and I do not get along...


Step stools and I are fine, however.  So I have been cleaning and organizing our pantry.  When we bought the house there was a room for a pantry, but no paint and no shelves.  In fact most of the upstairs had no paint!  In California drywall is installed and then a spray coat of blobs of plaster is blown on the wall.  The drywall guy then knocks it down so the it is all about the same thickness and it is painted.

In Virginia they plaster the whole thing and it is finished with a swirl pattern.  In our ignorance, we assumed that all the raw walls were really just painted with " contractor's white".  After we moved in and before the movers got here, we figured this out and we had to paint seven rooms in six days.  This included primer and paint AND ceilings!  When I say we I mean ME.  Lee hates to paint.  I hate it too, but I am good at it and cheap, so I do it.  I am not looking forward to painting the new basement.  It will be about 2600 square feet.  The whole too cheap issue may spring up and then I'll end up doing it AGAIN.


After the painting marathon, we had to build shelves in the pantry.  I LOVE a pantry and grew up with one.  We didn't have any idea how to do it, so I designed it and we built it and it is great.  The problem is that the more room you have the more junk you accumulate.

I have had "clean/organize pantry" on my list since November.  I finally ran out of excuses and got started.  How does dust get on shelves in a windowless room where the door is mostly closed?  I finished the long wall and now I am having to force myself the finish the last bit.  Maybe if I keep the step stool in the middle of the room I won't be able to "forget" to finish.


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  1. I have two rooms in my house that haven't been painted since 1987, when we built. I keep meaning to remedy that but I am not much on painting, either.